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Setting up Presence/BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)

Presence, or Busy Lamp Fields (BLF), is offered as part of the Pro Package for supported VoIP phones.

An account Administrator can book the Pro Package in your sipgate team account's settings under Plans & Locations --> Overview.

Presence provides an overview of who on your team is currently on a call, has a call ringing or is free. You can then easily connect inbound callers with available staff and reduce your customers’ hold time.

After booking the sipgate team Pro Package, you'll need to configure your VoIP phones to use the feature. We've successfully configured and tested Presence (BLF) with the following models:

Having configured your phone's Busy Lamp Fields, you'll be able to see the following statuses:

  • Free (busy lamp is not lit) - the user is not currently on a call
  • Busy (busy lamp is lit) - the user is currently on a call
  • Ringing (busy lamp is blinking) - the user is being called but has not picked up.



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