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Porting (Transfer) my existing telephone number to sipgate team / Trunking

Generally, we'll be able to port your geographic 01- or 02- UK number/s to sipgate Team. There are however some providers and certain area codes that we cannot port over from.

We don't offer the option of porting non-geographic UK numbers (e.g 03xx or 08xx numbers) to sipgate Team.

To check the portability of your number, please contact our Port Desk at

Please be sure to:

  • Confirm the full telephone number you wish to port in your email;
  • Confirm your current service provider.


Having confirmed that your number can be ported to sipgate team, we'll send you two application forms to fill out. After completing and signing the forms, you'll then need to send them back to us as a scanned email attachment*1, along with a copy of your most recent phone bill listing the porting numbers.

Once we receive the forms, we'll submit the porting request to your provider and deduct the porting application fee from your sipgate team account balance (see below for porting fees).


BT have the following time-scales for completing a number port (guideline only):

  • Single line – 7 working days
  • Multi-line ( greater than 10 lines porting at same time ) – 17 working days
  • PBX 10 lines or less – 10 working days
  • PBX 11 lines or greater ( or Centrex site ) – 20 working days
  • ISDN 10 lines or less – 10 working days
  • ISDN 11 lines or greater – 20 working days

We are unable to guarantee that the port will be carried out within the time-scales listed above. Please use the above strictly as a guideline, as processing times for ports from other providers may vary.

When your current provider has accepted the port, they'll confirm the date on which the port will complete. We'll let you know the porting date so that you can plan the changeover in advance on your side. Once the port has been completed, the number will appear in your team account's phone numbers Overview page and can be used as you require.


 Just like the free UK number included with your monthly sipgate Team plan, ported numbers will not incur an additional, recurring monthly service fee!

 The number porting fee generally amounts to £20 GBP per number to be ported.

Porting Phone Numbers Porting Cost **
1 to 5 £20 per number
6 to 9 £100 for the first 5 numbers, plus £5 per additional number. 
10 £125
11 or more £125 for the first 10 numbers, plus £5 per additional number.
** Cost per phone number requested in a single porting application.
The fee to retain a telephone directory listing is an additional £5.- GBP for each number you need listed.

The total fee has to be available in your account as credit before the porting request is submitted. Phone numbers cannot be ported to team accounts still within their month's free trial period.

Rejected Ports:

If your current service provider rejects your porting request:

  • The £10 rejection fee we are charged will be deducted from your sipgate account's credit balance.
  • A new  application fee will be charged to submit a new porting application.    

Amending Application Details:

If you need to change details after the request is submitted (e.g. the porting date, address) a change fee of £10.- GBP will apply.



*1 Please ensure that all the details you include in the form are accurate. If your port application is rejected due to incorrect details, you will still be charged for the submission and any subsequent resubmissions. If you are uncertain of any of the details requested in the porting forms, you should contact your current provider for clarification.

We cannot access or verify account information held on third party systems. We can only submit the porting details you provide us.

Security Lines

Where security lines are associated with an installation a porting order will only be accepted by your current service provider if you have arranged to have the security functionality removed or transferred onto another number prior to your port's submission.



Which service providers can sipgate port numbers from?
In general, it should be possible to port your UK 01- or 02- phone numbers to sipgate team. There may be some numbers that we cannot port due to technical reasons outside our control. There are some service providers we cannot port numbers from.
An incomplete list of service providers that sipgate can port UK landline numbers from is available here

sipgate cannot port numbers from:

  • BT "Equinox" Services 
  • Nine Telecom 




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