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Cancelling Monthly team & Phone Number Plans, Call Packages & the Pro Package

Account Administrators can book additional plans or cancel existing plans at any time online in your sipgate team account's Settings.

After cancellation the monthly plan or package will be set to terminate at the end of the current month's billing period if you cancelled before the last day of the month. Cancellation on the last day of the month will become effective at the end of next month's billing period.

Note: A refund of the original contract's monthly fee cannot be offered. We recommend that changes to plans are made at the beginning or end of the monthly billing cycle.

To cancel the monthly team plan, the Pro Package or a Call Package add-on:

  • Open Settings --> Plans & Locations --> Overview
  • Click on Terminate Plan

When a team plan is cancelled your account's Users, Groups, voicemails and fax devices will be deleted. Inbound and outbound telephony, fax and SMS will not be possible without an active monthly sipgate team plan.

Note: Cancelling the monthly team plan will also cancel your Pro Package and Call Package add-ons. Phone number plans must be cancelled separately (see below).


To cancel Phone Number plans:

  • Open Settings --> Plans & Locations --> Overview
  • Click on the desired number plan:


  • On the next page, click on 'Cancel telephone number plan'




 If you wish to close your sipgate account entirely, please set all of your active plans to terminate and request your sipgate team account's closure by email to:


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