sipgate team & trunking Help

Changing your sipgate team Service Plan

Note: Only account administrators can change an account's monthly plans.

 Your sipgate team plan can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled online at anytime.
Upgrades will take effect immediately and the new contract's cost will be pro-rated for the remainder of the month. Plan downgrades and cancellations will be set to process at the end of the current month.

To change your sipgate team plan:

  • Please open Settings --> Plans & Locations --> Overview
  • Click on Change plan  or Terminate plan 

 Cancelling the sipgate team plan will not cancel any Phone Number Plans. Please be sure to manually cancel any Phone Number Plans that you no longer require. Cancellations for the current month are possible only before the last day of the month.

 An account administrator can revoke a monthly plan's cancellation up until one day before the cancellation date. 

Inbound and outbound telephony, fax and SMS will not be possible without an active monthly sipgate team plan. On termination of the sipgate team plan an account's User and Group settings, call routing and call records will be irrevocably removed. 

Terminating your sipgate Team plan will also cancel any active Call Packages and/or Pro Package add ons.

Note: A refund of the original contracts monthly fee cannot be offered. We recommend that changes to team plans are made at the beginning or end of the monthly billing cycle.

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