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Booking New Phone Numbers

Account administrators can purchase new phone numbers at any time in their sipgate team account.

A phone number can be allocated to a User, Group or Fax. Users can choose to have a phone number ring one or all of their phones.

The first UK phone number you book will be included as part of your monthly sipgate team plan without additional costs.


How to book phone numbers:

  1. Click on Settings and then Phone Numbers
  2. Next click on Book Phone Number
  3. Choose the number you require and complete the booking.

Your automatic recurring crediting limit will be increased to account for the cost of your newly booked number plan.


If you wish to cancel a number plan, please open Settings --> Plans & Location and click on the appropriate plan. On the next page click on 'Cancel telephone number plan'

A canceled plan will be set to terminate at the end of the current billing period.

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