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Sending Web Faxes

You have various options to send a fax through sipgate. With your sipgate team web fax service you can attach PDF files to faxes and insert images, signatures and comments.

You can use your own fax template designs and save drafts for later use. Faxes can be sent to multiple recipients and scheduled for sending at a later time.

Faxes can be simply and easily customised and you can do this at any time you wish. Using your sipgate web fax is as easy as sending an email.

To send a fax, open My sipgate and click on New Fax 


Selecting the Recipients:

  • The recipient's phone numbers can be entered into the To field. If sending a fax to multiple recipients, please separate each recipient with a comma.
  • If the recipient is in your Contact's list, entering their name or number will display a drop down list of possible recipients. Or, click the 'Add from contacts' link.
  • It's not possible to simultaneously fax more than 5 contacts simultaneously every 10 minutes. The sipgate fax service is therefore not offered as a solution to send faxes to large numbers of recipients en masse. 

Creating your Fax:

  • Clicking Add First Page  will set-up the default Fax template layout.
  • The default fax template contains Sender, Recipient, Subject, Date and Body fields. 
  • Clicking on a field in the fax template opens a text editor in a pop-up window.
  • Use the Add signature  button to upload and insert images into your Fax. Once the image has been uploaded, it can be positioned to your liking in the fax.
  • PDF files can be uploaded using the Attach PDF  button. The total size of PDFs attached to a fax should be under 2MB. 
  • Pages can be deleted using the Delete page  button.
  • To add comments and notes to faxes, click the Add comment button. To type comments double-click on the Comment box. The Comment box can be resized and moved arbitrarily.

Sending your fax:

  • The fax can be sent immediately by clicking Send .
  • Or you can schedule the fax to be sent at a later time and day:

Save Fax as Draft:

  • Click on  to save the Fax for later completion.
  • The saved draft of your fax can be found in your Drafts menu on the left hand side of your My sipgate.









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