Notifications for Voicemails

Email notifications containing an MP3 copy of the voicemail and SMS notifications can be set up, in addition to checking your voicemails, in your Event List or by calling your voicemail.

Visual MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) can also be enabled with the majority of VoIP phones.


To set-up email notifications for your personal or Group voicemail(s):

  • In your sipgate account's User profile, click Voicemail
  • In the Notifications section click on the ' + ' button 

  • After entering the email address, click OK.

Notifications can be sent to multiple email addresses. Each address will receive an email with an MP3 copy of the voicemail attached.

To stop voicemail notifications being sent to an email address, click the 'X' next to the email you wish to remove. 


To set-up SMS notifications:

  • In your team account's User profile, click Notifications
  • Click an existing Filter rule or click Add Filter to create a new filter;
  • Tick the SMS Notification to box;
  • Select Add More from the drop-down menu;
  • Enter the phone number SMS Notifications should be sent to;
  • Next click OK  and then click Save 



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