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Setting up a User's Voicemail

You can add a voicemail to a User, as part of the User's Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Hunting rules.

To add a voicemail, please use the following instructions:

  • In your team account's Settings open My settings 
  • Select the User for which you wish to add a voicemail.
  • Select Voicemail and click on the +Voicemail button
  • The voicemail will be available to use immediately and can be configured at any time.

Announcement: Add a personalised voicemail greeting.

Voicemail Notifications: You can set-up SMS notifications, or free email notifications containing an MP3 copy of the voicemail to multiple email addresses.

PIN: To access your voicemail from other networks, call your own number and press the asterisk button twice: ** You will be asked to enter your Voicemail-PIN.

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