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Call Queues

Call Queuing is offered as part of the sipgate team Pro Package.

An account Administrator can book the Pro Package in your sipgate team account's settings under Plans & Locations --> Overview.

You can add a single call queue to any Group.

If all Group Members are busy, incoming callers will be played a greeting until the next member of the group becomes available.

To add a Call Queue to a Group:

  • In your account Settings under Users & Groups open the Groups tab.
  • Select (or set up) the Group for which you would like to set up a Call Queue
  • Under Phone, click the + Call Queue button 

The Call Queue will be set-up immediately. The web page will refresh with a new Call Queue Settings menu.

If you hover your cursor over the Call Queue icon, there is a further option to upload your own on-hold message/music (this will replace the default music):

Important: The Group's call forwarding rules will no longer operate for queued calls.



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