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Setting up a Fax Machine

We recommend using our convenient web interface to send faxes. There are numerous functions available so that you can send faxes for professional or private use.

Do you already have a conventional fax machine at home?

If you do, it is possible to use your current machine.

Important: To set up your own fax machine, first set up a VoIP phone. The accompanying SIP configuration information uses your fax machine for the VoIP adapter which is attached to your machine.

Before you decide to use a separate fax machine, please note:

  1. We guarantee a reliable transmission of faxes via the web interface.
  2. If you have a fax machine connected to a VoIP adapter, we cannot provide information about the reliability and accordingly cannot guarantee a reliable transmission.

This is how:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click on the VoIP Phone button.
  3. Add a description (e.g. external fax machine) in the following pop up window.
  4. Click on the Add Device button.
  5. Now place your cursor over the graphic of your new device (fax machine).
  6. Click on SIP Credentials in the following pop up window.
  7. Another pop up window will now appear and you need this data (SIP Account and Server) to set up your VoIP adapter.


Important: In order to use your fax machine, you have to activate Compatibility Mode. However, with compatibility mode enabled, it is not possible to make a phone call and fax simultaneously with your own fax machine.

Therefore, we highly recommend using our Web Fax Feature to send faxes.

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