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Setting up a Group's Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding can be set up to send incoming Group calls to voicemail or to another phone number either after a delay or immediately.

Calls forwarded to non-sipgate phone numbers will be charged according to the outbound call rate to that destination.

Calls received through a Queue will not follow the Group's Call Forwarding rules. 


Note: Many VoIP phones offer their own call forwarding/diversion options. These can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, your online sipgate account's call forwarding options. More information about using a phone's internal forwarding is available here


Configuring a Group's Call Forwarding

  • In the Users & Groups tab click Groups.
  • Select the Group for which you wish to set up call forwarding.
  • Click Voicemail, Call Forwarding & Hunting
  • On the following page you can configure the Group’s call forwarding options.


Note: Calls received via a Group phone or extension number will not follow a Group Member's (User's) forwarding rules. If unanswered a Group call will follow that Group's next call forwarding rule.


I Want to Forward My Calls Only in Special Cases

You can choose to have a general call forwarding ruleset to be followed in all situations.

Or, if you select Only in special cases diferent rulesets can be created for when you don't answer, when your phone is offline and when you are on a call. 


Here you can choose how long your phone will ring before the call is forwarded and whether to send the call to your voicemail or to another phone number.


Here you can choose how long the call will wait for you to be finished with the call you are currently making and whether to send the call to your voicemail or to another phone number.

Choose whether to send any calls received whilst offline or unavailable to your voicemail or to another phone number.

Click here if you want this rule to be active during a specified timeframe
Here you can choose what days and times your calls will be forwarded as per the rules selected above.


    Setting up call forwarding for workdays and weekends.

  1. Click Phone for the user whom you are setting up call forwarding for and then click Voicemail, Call Forwarding & Hunting.
  2. Choose whether call forwarding should be permanently active or only in special cases.
  3. Choose where calls should be forwarded to and how long the call should ring before being forwarded.
  4. Finally choose a time frame for the call forwarding feature to be active during weekdays.
  5. Click Add row and choose the the weekend timeframe.
  6. Select the voicemail that calls should be forwarded to outside of the timeframe. 
  7. Click Save  


This video demonstrates how to set up call forwarding for a group, using reception as an example.



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