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Pro Package for sipgate team (BLF, IVRs and Call Queues)

The Pro Package includes additional features to help your business connect with your customers even better. Currently, the features are Presence (BLF), Call Queuing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), with more in development.

Upgrade to a sipgate team plan now and book the optional Pro Package from just £10 per month. As with all our contracts, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you need to, month to month.


Presence (BLF)
Reduce your customers’ hold time with the new Presence feature. By using the ‘Busy Lamp Field’ (BLF) on supported VoIP handsets, you and your colleagues benefit from an easy view of who is currently calling, has a call ringing or is free. You can then easily connect inbound callers with free employees.
Call Queues
Stop missing calls from your customers with sipgate team Call Queues. Set up a Call Queue for a group and upload on-hold music or a greeting. If all the group’s members are busy, incoming callers will be held in queue until the first member of the group becomes available.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Automatically connect your inbound callers with the correct destination in your company with sipgate team IVRs. You can create single or multi-level IVRs and assign key presses to destinations such as individual Users, Groups (and their Call Queues), Devices and Greetings.



Only account administrators can book new plans or change an account's existing monthly plans

An active monthly sipgate team plan is required to book the Pro Package add-on.

The number of IVRs and Call Queues available will depend on your current team plan, e.g. 3 IVRs and Queues will be available with sipgate team 3, 5 with the team 5 plan, and so on.

Your account's automatic crediting levels will be adjusted to account for your newly booked Pro Package's service fee.

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