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Setting up an Auto Attendant

An Auto-Attendant can be added to each Group, providing callers with a Greeting and Extension options.


To setup an Auto Attendant:

  1. First create a Group.
  2. Decide which members to add to the group. Note: Should the caller make no entries during the Auto Attendant's announcements they will be routed to all of the group's available phones.
  3. Decide whether to give the group a voicemail. Note: Should no group member answer the call it will be forwarded to the group's voicemail.
  4. Should the group have no members or voicemail functions the call will end after the Auto Attendant's announcements. This is useful for example, when you wish to notify the caller about an important piece of information (e.g. Welcome! You can reach us via email at

After creating the group:

  • Choose your newly created group.
  • Click Phone and then click the + Auto Attendant  button.
  • Click Set up announcements to add a custom greeting to the Auto Attendant:

  • Your custom Auto Attendant greeting (e.g. "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Technical Support,...") can be added by Click2Record or by uploading an MP3 file:
We recommend you advise the caller to enter their desired extension followed by the # key, but this isn't necessary.

You can also link announcements from other groups to your Auto Attendant.


  • You have set up the groups front desk and support and given the group and users extension numbers.
  • Additionally you've given the support group (extension 99) an Auto Attendant announcement.
  • Should anyone call the front desk and then press 99 they will arrive at the support group. Here they will receive another announcement with the extension numbers of the various support group members and possibly the extension number of further groups (e.g. marketing).


Combine a Group and Auto Attendant with time frame forwarding - automatically send calls to voicemail when your offices are closed! Watch the video below to find out how.

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