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How to Create a New User

In order to create an account for a new User, please use the following instructions:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click the Users & Groups tab and open the Users menu.
  3. Click on Add User

Step 1
Enter the User’s personal details and choose the location that the User is based at.

  • Designate whether or not to make the user an Administrator.
  • Click on the "next step 2/3" button

Step 2
On this page you can decide which phone(s) and number will be linked to the user’s account.
Note: If you are uncertain what type of phone the User will use, you can go back and edit this information at a later date. Additionally, on this page you can allocate the User a previous phone number. This external telephone can be either a landline or a mobile phone. External phones can be added at any time.

Step 3
On the third and final step, the following options are available:

  • Phone Number – Allocate the User a phone number that is linked to your sipgate account. Additionally, you can allocate the User’s fax machine a phone number.
  • Extension – Allocate the User an internal extension number that they can be reachable from by other Users on your account. The extension number also works for the User’s mobile phone. By clicking on the appropriate symbol, you can see which extension numbers have already been allocated.
  • Add to Group – With this option you can choose whether to allocate the User to a previously created group.

Note: All information can be edited at any time.

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