sipgate quick start PDF File (Download)

Welcome to sipgate!

Welcome to Sipgate! This quick start guide will help you:

  • Set up and use your free trial
  • Navigate your account and access your telephony routing
  • Edit your telephony settings
  • Add a telephone number to your routing
  • Set up voicemail divert
  • Find your SIP credentials to connect a VOIP device

You can download the PDF by clicking here.

This quick-start guide will show you how to create your first telephony routing with sipgate. It’s meant for administrators who have just signed up for an account. All routing can be changed at any time in the future.



Getting started with your 30-Day free trial

Your Sipgate team account starts with a 30-day free trial, providing you with:

  • 3 free test telephone numbers
  • 60 free minutes
  • The ability to create unlimited users
  • Access to all Sipgate team features except CRM integrations

You can use sipgate fully and free of charge during the 30-day trial without providing any bank details. You’ll receive a test number block with five local numbers. The trial ends automatically after 30 days, or if you upgrade to a full version during the trial.

Note: All configurations and settings will be deleted when your trial account expires.

During the trial, you get 50 free minutes to landlines and 10 free minutes to mobile networks. Additionally, you can book a SIM card or eSIM with 500 MB of data for testing purposes.

Start your trial by clicking the “Free Trial” button on our website.

Trial Extension:
If you need to wait for a ported number beyond the trial period, you can extend the trial to retain your configurations and settings. Don’t worry, your account won’t automatically convert to a full version due to the porting request.

Credit Top-Up:
You can top up your account with additional credit during the trial. If you choose not to stay with Sipgate, any remaining credit can be refunded. Important: Topping up during the trial will remove your test numbers, but the trial will continue without them.

Trial Account:
If you do not upgrade to a full version, your trial account remains, but your settings will be reset. You can still manage the account and upgrade to a full version at a later time.

Basic telephony routing setup for new users

This guide will teach you the very basics of setting up your telephony routing for one user. From there you can apply what you’ve learned to other users or groups, or head to our help centre for further instructions.

Upon logging in, you’ll be greeted by all your sipgate account’s sections:

To begin creating your desired telephony routing:

1. Click All Users

2. Then your user profile’s name

3. Next click Edit routing in the pre-set routing section, as shown here:


4. Then click Add phone number


5. From the pop-up window, select one of the free trial telephone numbers and click Add phone numbers


6. You’ll be directed back to editing your routing. From here, click Add Forwarding. All three will need to be done separately.


We are now setting up call forwarding for when your phones are online, busy, or offline. For now, please simply click Next and go with the recommended settings, and then click Save.


7. Once you’ve set up forwarding for all three cases separately, please click Finish Editing.


8. Register a VOIP device to your profile. The last step is to connect a device to your user profile for this routing. You may have noticed that the “Phone of John Smith” in this example has a little red circle - this means that there is no device successfully registered with this particular “device connection”/set of SIP credentials. Your options for connecting a device include: - A VOIP-compliant hardphone/desk phone - A softphone client downloaded to your computer, laptop, or mobile - The sipgate softphone for your computer We have many different set up guides for different devices available in our help centre. This guide will not go through device set up, but will show you where you can find your SIP Credentials in order to register a device below.


After clicking Finish Editing, you will still be on your routing page. Just above the routing you set up, you’ll see a small graphic of a phone. Please click there to see the device connections details.




Your SIP Credentials should now be displayed. Please remember to use the complete SIP ID and the full SIP Password, both case-sensitive, when registering a device. The sipgate softphone is an exception; it connects to your account via login after you download it to your computer, so SIP credentials are not required. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view all device connections.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up your first telephony routing with sipgate. Now you can apply these settings to other users or groups. We recommend personalizing your voicemail message or adding additional team members to your account. For further guidance on setting up other features on your sipgate account, please visit our help center.

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