How do I configure a VoIP device or softphone?

Each VoIP phone needs to be connected to a desk phone, softphone, or another device to enable actual phone calls.

In the Accountmanagement go to the User tile. Then click on the device you want to configure at the top. An info box will open with all the data you need for the configuration: Now, you need to enter the SIP ID, registrar, and password into the device or softphone to complete the configuration and enable phone calls.

Users can also configure their devices themselves. To do this, they click on My Telephony in the navigation on the left. There, they will also find the devices and can proceed as described above.


Do you need more detailed help with the configuration? Click on configuration guides in the info box. There you will find guides for the most common devices and softphones.

After the configuration, you can perform simple tests to determine if the endpoint is functioning correctly. Simply dial the test number 10000. If you can reach this number, your endpoint is properly connected.

Important: If you have automatic prefixing enabled, you will not be able to reach the test number 10000.

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