How do I configure my router for VoIP calls?

To receive incoming VoIP calls, access to your home network must be manually configured on some routers. This is done through port forwarding, which allows controlled access to your devices. Usually, these are the SIP/RTP ports. You can find out which ports need to be opened in your device's settings. The port forwarding configuration is done on your router. For this, you need the local IP address of your VoIP device. There are several ways to find this IP address:

  • Some devices display their IP address on the screen.
  • You can also find a list of all registered IP addresses in your router's device overview.
  • The IP address of your softphone is always the same as the IP address of the computer being used.

Important: If you restart your router or your device, a new IP address may be assigned. To prevent this, you can assign a static IP address to your device in the router. For more information on this, refer to your router's manual.

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