What is the sipgate web app? A guide to the user interface

The web app is your user interface for setting up and managing your account. When you log into your sipgate account, a dashboard with menu options will appear, guiding you to different sections of your account. The interfaces for admins and users differ: admins have access to Accountmanagement, while users can only access the My Telephony section. This article introduces these sections and their features.


The accountmanagement functions are divided into three sections: Telephony, Extra Features and Administration. In the Telephony section, you can configure all settings related to your connection, including user management and number bookings. The Extra Features section covers all additional products that can be added to the standard features. In the Administration section, you can view and update account and billing details.

My Telephony

At the top right, you can access My Telephony button, which links to the phone line associated with your account.

On the left side, there's a sidebar where you can access various settings for your phone line. Under Event List you can view your call history, including incoming and outgoing calls. The Presence indicator shows whether each extension is currently in use or available. You can store and access contact information under Contacts. The Telephony section includes routing, voicemail, fax settings, and device statuses. 


Here you can customize settings for voicemail and your personal blocklist, manage notifications for specific events, and update your personal information.

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