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Configuring Local Client-Side Call Forwarding

If your VoIP phone or device supports call forwarding, your phone's own forwarding options can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, your sipgate account's online call forwarding settings.


- Your VoIP phone or device must be registered online in order for its own local call forwarding rules to be followed.

- If you setup call forwarding both in your online sipgate account settings and also in your phone's local settings, sipgate will give handling priority to your online forwarding rules over your phone's local call forwarding rules.


Configuring your phone's Call Forwarding:


Your Snom phone's call forwarding can be configured on-screen via the LCD Display or using the web configuration menu.


Using your Snom's Up and Down keys, highlight the correct VoIP Account.  
Next, press your phone's 'Menu' key and select 'Call Features' --> 'Call Forwarding'.

Web Configuration Menu:

Under 'Setup' in your Snom's web configuration menu open the desired 'Identity' and click on the 'Features' tab:





Press the 'Menu' key and then choose 'Features' --> 'Call Forward'.

Call forwarding rules setup using the LCD display will apply to all of the phone's VoIP accounts.

Web Configuration Menu: 
In the Yealink web configuration menu click on 'Features' to setup call forwarding.

Some Yealink phones, including T4X series phones, support a second 'Custom' call forwarding mode:
- 'Phone' Mode: call forwarding will apply to all of the phone's VoIP accounts.
- 'Custom' Mode: different call forwarding rules can be setup for each of the phone's VoIP Account.



GXP 21xx and GXP 14XX series:

Press the phone's 'Menu' button and choose 'Call Features'.
Select the appropriate VoIP Account ('Account X').

Grandstream GXP16xx series:

Press the phone's Menu button and then choose 'Phone' -> 'Call Features'.

The following call forwarding options are available:
- 'Forward All',
- 'Forward Busy',
- 'Forward No Answer' and
- 'No Answer Timeout'


Polycom Soundpoint:

Press the "Menu" button and select 'Features' --> 'Forward'.


Cisco/Linksys SPA Adaptors and Deskphones:

In the Cisco web configuration menu click on 'Admin Login' and 'Advanced'.
Next click on 'Voice' --> 'Phone'.
Under 'Supplementary Services' the following call forwarding options are available:
- Cfwd All — Forwards all calls.
- Cfwd Busy — Forwards calls only if the line is busy.
- Cfwd No Ans — Forwards calls only if the line is not answered.




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