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Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)

MWI, Message Waiting Indicator, is a commonly supported phone feature indicating that new voicemail messages have been received.

MWI typically involves a flashing light and optional audio alert with a dedicated button to quickly dial into your voicemail box.

To use the MWI feature your phone must be configured with your sipgate Voicemail box number.

MWI is offered in addition to free email notifications and optional SMS alerts for voicemails.


MWI Configuration:

sipgate has tested and verified the operation of MWI with the following VoIP phones:

SNOM Fritz Box
Yealink Phonerlite
Gigaset/Siemens Cisco SPA 



The SNOM voicemail 'Retrieve' button can be set up via the phone's web configuration menu:  

- Under 'Setup' click on 'Function Keys'.
- Next,
in the "Retrieve" line under 'Type' choose "Speed dial"
- Enter 55000 under "Number".
- Click 'Apply' to save your changes.

A Snom phone can be set up to play a short beep as well as a Stuttering Dialtone to remind you when new voicemails are waiting (under 'Setup' --> 'Preferences')

Further information is available in SNOM's FAQs




To setup MWI on your Yealink phone:

- Click on 'Menu' --> 'Message' --> 'Voice Mail'  --> 'Set Voicemail Code'. 
- Enter 55000 and press Save.

To configure MWI via the Yealink web configuration menu open 'Account' --> 'Advanced':





Under the 'User' tab set the 'Mailbox Number' to 55000 and click on 'Save'.
Next, open the 'Server' tab and tick the 'MWI' box to enable the feature:




In the Gigaset web configuration menu under Settings --> Messaging --> Message Notification tick the Netwqork Mailbox option to enable MWI.



Fritz Box

To activate MWI in your FritzBox's web configuration menu, click on 'Telephony' --> 'Telephony Devices' and then click 'Edit' next to the appropriate telephone.
Next click on 'Telephony Device Features' and enable the option "Message waiting indication on the telephone (MWI)".
Click "OK" to save your changes.

Dialling the following codes on a connected phone will completely activate or deactive MWI:  
#97*0* - Activate MWI
#97*1* - Disable MWI



Cisco SPA

To activate MWI in your Cisco SPA's web configuration menu: 

- Click on 'Admin Login' and 'Advanced' int he Cisco SPA web menu.
- Under the 'Phone' menu set the 'Voice Mail Number' to 555000 
- Save your changes and open the 'EXT' tab for the sipgate line
- Under 'Call Feature Settings' enter the following settings:
  Message Waiting: Yes
  Mailbox ID: 55000
  Voicemail Server: 
  Voice Mail Subscribe Interval: 120  



In your Grandstream's web configuration pages, open your sipgate Account's settings and enter 55000 in the "Voice Mail User ID" field.  
Next, open "Accounts" --> "Account X" --> "SIP Settings" --> "Basic Settings" and set "Subscribe for MWI" to Yes. 


Other Phones:

Please refer to your phone's manual for your device's MWI configuration instructions.




The number to dial to access your sipgate team User's personal voicemail is 55000. 

The mailbox number for each Group will be different and can be checked in the Group's voicemail settings in your online sipgate account. 





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